Client: Personal Project

AreaHub – Property Management Simplified – Explainer Video

AreaHub is a fictional real estate company that I invented to give a new life to this video that never made it out, I had it lying around for over a week and I really to post it, so here’s the result. I hope you like it! Huge thanks to Magnus Carlssen for the voice-over!

GUS – Social Media Reel 2020

A collection of some motion design projects made for social media, during the last, including a couple of the amazing brands I had the chance to work for.

League of Legends Portraits – Blitzcrank

First animated of an upcoming series of League of Legends’ portraits I’m working on. Inspired by Toast Studio’s Overwatch Portraits, check them out at Hope you enjoy!

Futuristic User Interface

Created this 2 scenes with futuristic UI (Ironman Style) to test out the new Universe 2 plugin by Red Giant. This was the result, hope you like it!